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Franska Ensk
Orðið "raser" var sinnum 221 leitað.
Hingað til hafa 11,328,688 orð og orðasambönd verið leitað, meðal 12,884 í dag.
stafir 2000 eftir

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stafir 1943 eftir

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Winter storm could bury North County in up to 18 inches of snow (02/08/2013)
Saturday February 9, 2013 PITTSFIELD -- State and local officials, public works directors, utility companies, the owners of stores that sell snow removal equipment. They all spent Thursday bracing for the possibility of a massive winter storm that is expected to affect Berkshire County and the rest of the state beginning today.
Shohola may break with ambulance company (02/20/2013)
The Shohola Township Board of Supervisors is considering cutting ties with its ambulance provider, Pike County Advanced Life Support (ALS), due to “problems at scenes.” The news came as a shock to the ambulance service.
Daily docket (02/19/2013)
"You shall not murder." Exodus 20:13 Our words can wound and bring pain. Watch how you use them today. - Rev. John G. Pearson, pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, Boyertown.
Howlett Research Corp. Publishes Research Report on Raser Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: RSTG) (02/05/2013)
Raser is a research and development company focused on developing advanced motor technology for broad applications, including the growing electric hybrid vehicle market. It has developed several innovations in electric motors and controllers that increase torque and power, allowing reduced manufacturing costs and providing enhanced performance. Applications span virtually the entire universe of electric motors, including industry, the military, as well as the automotive sector.
Investors Stock Daily, Inc. Initiates Coverage on Revolutionary Electric Motor Developers, Raser Technologies Inc. (OTC BB: RSTG) (02/05/2013)
Raser Technologies caters to industry-driving motors consuming 64% of all produced electrical energy, offering patented efficiencies and affordable technologies that truly advance the sector to the next logical stage. The motors are simpler and better economically controlled and deliver both more torque and 300% more power than conventional motors.(PRWeb April 01, 2004)
StarGen has signed a license agreement with Rambus for the StarXpress family of Advanced Switching switches and bridges to utilize Rambus PCI Express 2.5Gbps PHY (PRWeb November 13, 2003)
The Limu Company Hits $10 Million in Sales, Wall Street Takes Notice (02/05/2013)
The Limu Company, one of the fastest-growing companies in the direct sales industry and the exclusive worldwide distributor of Original Limu, has captured Wall Street attention with sales in excess of $10 million in its initial year and a list of impressive "firsts". The company is poised to become the industry's next $100 million enterprise. Hear the full 15-minute interview online.(PRWeb July 12, 2005)
Carr Hardware opens rental facility on North Street in Pittsfield (02/06/2013)
PITTSFIELD -- Carr Hardware has been involved in the party and event rental business since 1997. But with the need for those services expanding in Central Berkshire, the company had been seeking additional space to house them.
Fucoidan and Limu: Lab Analysis Finds 2800% More Fucoidan in Original Limu™ (02/05/2013)
An independent lab analysis at ( has found that Original Limu contains 2800% more fucoidan than the leading imitation brand. Fucoidan is a life-changing nutrient cited in almost 600 scientific studies that is believed to produce the amazing results reported by thousands of consumers using Original Limu.(PRWeb July 23, 2004)
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